Piano Bar: Fundraiser

Piano Bar: Seeds of Sustainability
with KI NO BI, KBC & KJ
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Sustainability can touch upon almost any aspect of our lives.
While most people would choose to live more sustainably, it is still a struggle for many to do it.
The “Seeds of Sustainability" event invites us to take a step back to learn about the ways people are already pushing towards sustainability, allowing each of us to integrate new practices into our lives, building towards a more sustainable society and self.

10月21日、Yōkai SOHOに「サステーナビリティーの種」のために、イベントを行われます。持続可能な農業や物作りをする人々、ロカールなアーティストを誘います。入場費は「サステーナビリティーの種」の活動のために挙げます。

On October 21st, at Yōkai SOHO, we organize an event for "Seeds of Sustainability". We invite people doing and making sustainable things, and local artists. Entrance fees will be donated to the activities of "Seeds of Sustainability".
This "Piano Bar" event will be a free improvisation performance of piano, trumpet, cello, synth, video and dance!
「ピアノバー」ライブ・Piano Bar Live:
- Quin Arbeitman (Piano)
- Christopher Fryman (Trumpet)
- William Prunkl (Cello)
- Andy Couzens (Synth+VJ)
- Dancers (TBC)
録音・Video recording: Yuki Lim
- 美土里ファーム Midori Farm
有機野菜+申好み野菜カレー・Organic vegetables + Monkey QC veggies curry
- 京都蒸溜所 The Kyoto Distillery
地クラフトジン Kyoto craft gin 
季の美ジントニック・Kinobi gin tonic (500¥)
- 京都醸造株式会社 Kyoto Brewing Company
地クラフトビール Kyoto craft beer (500¥)
入場費・Entrance fee: 1000¥
Sponsors: The Kyoto Distillery, Kyoto Brewing Co., & Kyoto Journal